Forest Lake Insurance Reviews

What My Customers Say...

A message from Shannon...
I can't THANK YOU enough! I sincerely appreciate all of your kind words and am so grateful for your business! Over the years, many of you have become my family and friends even though you started as customers. Also, your referrals are much appreciated and you can trust that I will provide the outstanding service they deserve!

Shannon does a great job in taking care of all of our insurance. She is quick to return calls and very responsive to solving our insurance needs. Oh and by the way her pricing is very competitive also.
- Charlie H.

Shannon spent time to get to know my family, so she knew what we needed and was able to save us money on our insurance premiums. She is not only a great insurance agent but a wonderful person, always looking out for her clients' best interests. I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone!
- Rebecca C.

I think Shannon is the BEST in the biz and has done right by me since the day we met! Always puts my best interest first to save me money on my insurance plans. Great gal!
- Laura

We were looking for insurance for our cabin up north, just so happened my brother said our cabin neighbor Shannon was an insurance agent. I had never met her, but after speaking with her, felt like I had known her for years. She was so nice, helpful and willing to go over and beyond to find us the best rate possible. I ended up moving all our insurance (primary home, 3 cars and cabin and rental home) to Sherman Insurance. The savings were significant and working with Shannon was a delight! Her friendly personality and willingness to find us the best "bang for the buck" was really important to us and anyone who is looking to get great rates in this economy. Lets face it no one likes to pay insurance, but when you know you are getting good insurance at a good means a lot. I have also called Shannon several times with many questions on possible claims or general insurance questions. She is always there to help me out and give me the answers I seek.
I have and will continue to recommend Shannon to everyone who is looking for new insurance or to at least get a comparable bid. You won’t be disappointed!!
She is the best!!
- frang.frombloomington

Recently, it came time to re-evaluate my insurance coverage. On a whim, I asked Shannon if she thought my significant other and I could do better if we combined our policies. She shopped around and found us a policy to cover our two cars and renter's insurance. We wound up with better coverage on his car insurance and we are now saving over $500 per year under our new policy.
- Heather

The money we're now saving is great, of course, but the most wonderful part of the whole experience was how easy Shannon made everything. Shopping around for policies, running different coverage scenarios, cancelling old policies and signing up for new ones was enough to make my significant other want to stick with our old policies just to avoid the hassle of all that paperwork. Having worked with Shannon in the past, I knew just how simple the switch was going to be. Once we decided to pull the trigger, Shannon had our old policies cancelled, our new policy in place, all the paperwork signed and done and we had our new insurance cards before lunch! PLUS, we're in the market for a new car so she ran a quote for us with the new car in mind. Shannon is amazing!
- Loyal from Shoreview

- Great customer service. Wow.
- You have a very high standard of customer service which I notice and value.
- Dan C.

Thank you again for all your help locating a less expensive policy and for keeping us so well-informed. You're awesome!
- The Johnsons

Shannon was extremely helpful and easy to work with. She was able to get me an auto insurance quote the same day, and saved me money. She didn't hesitate to do some shopping around for the best rates either, even though I only asked her to add me to my husband's policy.
She definitely went about and beyond my request, and for that reason we will not be going anywhere else for our insurance needs.
- Holly

I have had wonderful luck with a lovely woman named Shannon Strobel, who is an independent agent. We are currently with Progressive (with whom I have no complaints). Shannon reviews my policies every year and makes sure we are getting great coverage at reasonable rates. She was with the ***************** Agency before, but they have changed hands and we stuck with Shannon (after being with them for almost thirty years) because she is wonderful to us.
- Jo

Shannon became a valuable asset to my husband and I while we were shopping for insurance. My husband had been with our current insurance company for 33 years when they decided to cancel us because of too many claims within a three year period; all of which were beyond our control. We were told by others that had a similar experience in the past that not only would we have a hard time finding insurance but that the coverage would be extremely expensive. We were dreading the whole process and very concerned it would not be affordable.
Shannon was able to find us a reputable company with a good track record who was willing to take into consideration that over a period of 33 years we had very few claims and was willing to work with us. We moved all our policies from our current insurance company and went with Shannon's recommendations. Guess what? Even with our homeowners being higher than what we were currently paying, it wasn't outrageous and by moving our other policies we were able to get such nice discounts that we actually came out the same as what we were paying our former insurance company. Once we are no longer considered "high risk" on our homeowners we will actually save a substantial amount of money per year.
Shannon provided such quality care and customer service that it blessed us just to work with her!
- Ilene & Dan

I was referred to Shannon by a receptionist who worked at another insurance agency that I was with and who had completely messed up my policy! I called Shannon and she helped me out. When I found out she moved to another company I was more than happy to follow her. She has been a huge help and has helped me save a ton of money on my car insurance. I would never use anyone other than Shannon. She is the BEST!!
- Brandie

I was with another company and was referred to Shannon for a quote on my auto insurance. She took the time to review all of my insurance needs and actually provided better auto coverage and a better homeowners policy as well. AND she saved me a lot of $$$!
I found it extremely nice that I receive a Christmas card each year from Shannon (personally signed) thanking me for my business! In 20+ years with the good hands people I never heard from my agent unless I called him!
When Shannon moved to another agency it was a "No Brainer" that I would follow and keep my insurance needs with her! I consider her a "SUPERAGENT" who cares about my account. She keeps in contact!
She has proven to me that there are agents out there who work hard to build relationships, keep their customers and provide great customer service!
I couldn't give a higher recommendation to Shannon!
Shannon YOU ROCK!
- Jim K

I was with Shannon at her previous place of employment. When I found out she moved, there was no question in my mind that I was going to follow. Shannon is by far the most sincere, professional, and compassionate agent out there. She cares about her clients and is always quick to help with anything or answer any question I have. I know nothing about insurance, so having Shannon on my side makes me feel secure and protected. I know that there is nothing that will happen with regards to my vehicle or my home that Shannon won't be able to guide me through. Anyone looking for an agent would be lucky to be a client of Shannons! She is knowledgeable and has a way of explaining things so that a person can understand everything about their policy! Thanks Shannon, for everything that you do and everything that you represent!
- Jackie

I've worked with Shannon through her previous agency and have had nothing but a very pleasurable history of working with her! She's extremely good at what she does & finds a shining light in every cloudy day that may cast a shadow over her clients...:) This is the prime reason I followed her over to & asked her to be my personal agent at Sherman.....hang onto the Gem!
- Scotty J.

I have worked with Shannon for a number of years now, and would not be with anyone else. She is professional, on the ball, and never fails to follow up with everything that needs to be done. Thank you Shannon for all you do!!!
- Becky S.

I was a client with Shannon's family's agency for more than 30 years. The past 4 years Shannon has taken care of my account. She has done an excellent job. She is quick to reply and very thorough. I have followed her to the new agency because I wanted someone who knew my history to continue to take care of my insurance needs. This covers my home and my cars. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with insurance. I wanted someone who cares to listen and then works hard to get me the best coverage - not just sell me something. I trust Shannon completely and that's most important to me.
- Lynda K.