Business Insurance in Forest Lake

Business Insurance

Shannon@Sherman is, of course, part of the awesome Sherman Insurance Agency team and works with commercial and trucking insurance agent extrordinaires.

Because your business is unique, we are able to develop an insurance program tailored to meet your specific needs.  Sherman Insurance has been helping businesses like yours for more than 70 years.

Shannon@Sherman believes in providing outstanding personal service.  Give me a call to match you up with a skilled and knowledgeable agent that is focused on providing your business with the best insurance plans available.

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Fun fact about Shannon:

I’ve had 3 “careers” in my lifetime:  paralegal, real estate agent and insurance agent.

I’ll send you a FREE NOTEPAD if you can guess what, according to CBS News, was the highest paid career in 2017, email me your answer:
Hint: the answer is not an insurance agent.


Shannon Strobel:   Passionate About Insurance.   Passionate About People.