December 27,2017


Shannon@Sherman would like to introduce you to her sidekick … SYREN. Believe it or not: she knows a pawful lot about insurance, like, fur real!

Hello there, I’m Syren and I’d like to chat with you today about valuable articles insurance coverage.

I hide all of my treasures in my basket bed (toys, bones, my favorite person’s socks); and since my possessions have mostly scent-imental rather than monetary value, they are typically covered on my owners’ home insurance policy.

However, my master’s high value items such as jewelry, fine arts and guns would need to be covered in another manner.

(1) Personal articles insurance policies can help protect special items that may have limited coverage amounts or no coverage under the homeowners, condo or renters insurance policies; and/or

(2) Most insurance companies that Shannon@Sherman works with have an option to “schedule” these items with higher values and better protection.

Syren Says … Go fetch your phone and call Shannon@Sherman to discuss your high value items and create a customized solution for your coverage needs.

OK, that’s it for this month … time for a nap.