April 12,2018

Road Trip

Hello there, I am Shannon@Sherman’s trusty sidekick SYREN. Believe it or not: I know a pawful lot about insurance, like, fur real!

All you need is your best friend and a tank of gas. Road trips are measured by moments rather than miles.

I’m an excellent passenger, errrr, back seat growler, when we go on road trips. I like to stretch my legs and take in the glorious scenery along the way (mostly looking for other animals to growl at).

What are some insurance considerations when you decide to take the family truckster hauling a camper/trailer/decked-out dog fort across country? Three types of coverage that apply to recreational vehicles:

(1) Liability. PICTURE THIS: you are backing your trailer into the best campsite EVER and then, SQUIRREL!, you get distracted and hit another vacationer’s mint 2018 Ice Castle … BAM! … yikes! … no more “happy campers” in this scenario! Your auto insurance policy that covers the vehicle hauling the trailer would extend liability coverage for damage caused to another campground hound’s property.

(2) Collision. BAM! … think about the same incident as above and the damage isn’t just to the “other guy’s stuff” but your camper is damaged as well: collision coverage applies to the physical damage of your own property when you hit something (usually a deductible applies).

(3) Comprehensive. Comprehensive is also a coverage that applies to physical damage to your own property. Common comprehensive claims are wind, hail, theft, fire damage (usually a deductible applies).

Syren Says … Go fetch your phone and call Shannon@Sherman to discuss your recreational vehicle coverage needs.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I have to pee.